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Wet Plate Collodion Workshops Multiple Dates

$850.00 USD

This introductory class will teach students how to create tintypes and ambrotypes basic portable darkroom for chemical sensitizing and processing. Each student will work one on one with the teacher through out the class.  We will be photographing both inside and outside. Students will have the ability to make plates with the use of studio lighting equipment. There is no prior photography experience required and all are welcome.

All materials and cameras will be provided, We will be using 4x5 cameras  but if you would like to bring your own 4x5 camera or any other materials to work with, you are welcome to do so.  

This class is limited to 4 students.  

Event location: 308 W Commercial St. Springfield, MO 65803

time: 9:00am- 5:00pm day 1

10:00-5:00pm day 2

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